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Dental FX supplies complete upper or lower dentures as well as acrylic partials.


Services Include:

Full and Partial Acrylic Denture Fabrication
Variety of Night Guards (heat cured)
TMJ Splints
Sports Mouth Guards, Intermediate, Professional (multi-layered), Custom Graphics
Cast Partial Dentures


eclipseEclipse® light curing materials provide customers with a premium denture base material. Suitable for full and partial dentures, nightguards, splints and flippers.

• Less shrinkage than conventional acrylics, providing patients with superior fitting dentures
• Monomer free baseplates
• Processed baseplates offer a highly esthetic, differentiated premium denture
• Nightguard materials deliver; a hard outer layer to provide a firm occlusal surface

Eclipse is a revolutionary light-cured material that utilizes a proven indirect technique to produce highly aesthetic, well-fitting dentures with excellent colour stability.

• Easy to implement in your practice
• Customized aesthetics and easy characterization
• Use acrylic or porcelain teeth
• Fully repairable and relineable

providing guaranteed quality service to all our customers for over 15 years